PROCESS & Pricing

Arko Bici‘s offer stands for fillet or lugged steel frames up to measure resulting in one of a kind piece.

I closely cooperate with every client and discuss every single details as suitable size of the frame, geometry, technical features, components, finish of the bicycle and the paint scheme. My focus is functional frame that fits its rider and smooth finish of each one of the fillet I make. Complete bicycles also possible.

Feel free to ask me anything about your future frame set as the possibilities warries and certain works can be adjusted. Like for example I can deliver frame with raw fillets – unfinished. (therefore price drops)

I mostly build frames out of Columbus and Dedacciai tubings. On request Reynolds is possible too.

Fillet brazed or lugged frame, including double bottle braze ons, single color wet paint, STI gear wire adjusters, bottom bracket gear wire guide Shimano, stainless screws - 1600 EUR.


You are welcome to discuss stainless steel but only from Columbus XCR. Fillet brazed XCR frame, brushed finish - 2500 EUR.


Columbus Cento road frame – 2200 EUR.


Each additional color - 30 EUR.

I can spray candy effects, flakes, pigments to create multicolor patterns, fades and combining colors.

Internal wire routing, each run - 50EUR.

Disc brake flat mount dropouts steel Paragon - 50 EUR.

Disc brake flat mount dropouts stainless steel Paragon - 150 EUR.


Carbon fiber forks on vish for your frame:

Columbus Futura Gravel - Flat Mount Disc, Carbon, 1-1/4“ tapered - 330 EUR.

Dedacciai Gravel Carbon Disc Fork F-56 – 300 EUR.

Columbus Futura caliper 1.5" Carbon Fork - Rake 45/50mm - 220 EUR.

Columbus Futura caliper 1 1/8" Carbon Fork - Rake 45/50mm - 200 EUR.

Pegoretti Falz Carbon Fork 1-1/8 – 380 EUR.

Columbus Compass HeadSet 1-1/8" - 50 EUR.

Columbus Compass HeadSet 1,5" - 50 EUR.


I also make fillet brazed stems (see gallery) and stainless steel racks (see gallery)

Fillet brazed stem - 170 EUR


Nickel plating available, stem only - 50 EUR


Stainless steel rack front / rear - 150 / 170 EUR


And now something to consider. When you place order for hand made steel frame, you don't pay only for this unique piece but you support the local supply chain. Tubes the frame is made of come from Italy. Welding material, gases, brazing rods, tools, files, sand papers, paints, energy I pay, it all come from local or EU suppliers. There’s a lot of magic behind your dream bike.

Thank you.

Yours, Marek