Realizované Projekty z EU

Výzva na predloženie cenovej ponuky

I've returned to Slovakia from Ireland back in 2009 full of ideas and hopes. Went to work, saved some money and put into framebuilding. Then I've went to another work, saved some money and put into framebuilding.

This was going on till 2015 and for the third time I've decided to go to work but this time in London UK.

Saved little bit more money and guess what? Yes, I've put all into framebuilding.


In 2017 I've got married and together with my wife Dominika we bought old water mill to create home and my workshop in. During described period of time I've restored dozens of vintage frames, repaired many broken frames and built also new frames under my brand.


In March 2019 I went full time as framebuilder. I've always hoped to become one. Ten years, three countries, tons of different jobs and bicycles, one reconstructed water mill, one love and wife Dominika.


Best from Slovakia,


Marek Parajka